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We envision a world where the cycle of poverty 

is replaced by a cycle of progress.

Khusi…what? Khusi Hona (Koo-shee Hō-na) means "feel happy" in Hindi.

Founded in 2012, our mission has been the same for over ten years, to empower vulnerable people in India and Nepal with solutions that allow them to rise above their poverty.

Our Projects

Women's Training Center

Our women's empowerment program is designed for disenfranchised and unemployable women to come and learn new skills.

Home for Rescued Street Children

Mamaghar (Uncle's Home) is a home for rescued street children of Nepal and has been a passion project for Khusi Hona since 2012.

“Gratitude is the foundation for happiness, and we are grateful for the opportunity to support the people we love. ”

Karri Cole, Co-Director


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