The Khusi Hona women’s empowerment program is designed for disenfranchised and unemployable women to come and learn news skills through training, employment, and business development. The foundation of this program is to build confidence, foster initiative, and create true empowerment for local women. Skilled teachers and mentors work with women to develop skills in a non-formal educational setting. Without creating dependency, but rather fostering independence, this will create the opportunity to use this work as a launching pad to realizing their own visions and goals through the creation of micro-businesses, more formalized education, and/or other future endeavors of their choosing.

We would like to give our Goa, India women’s program a facelift, we feel like the spaces where our programs are held should be clean, neat and a respite so that each of our young women have pride in the place they are coming to learn and grow. Our goal is to raise $200 to give the classroom a new coat of paint. With your support, we can can continue to commit to serve the underserved and to to empower vulnerable people with solutions that allow them to rise above their poverty. Remember, all your donations are 100% tax deductible


Raised so far: $150

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