At Khusi Hona we envision a world where the cycle of poverty is replaced by a cycle of progress. Most of our funding goes directly from you the donor to a specific project like our innovative women’s empowerment programs in Goa and Dehradun, India or our rescued street children project in Nepal, covering hundreds of lives in need.

What is often unknown is all the expenses in the background to make these projects possible, such as travel expenses, admin, staff salaries and communications. We have been able to fund this overhead in the past through some very generous sponsorship from close partners, and organizations.

Today we are asking you to help sponsor some of our operational funding so that we can continue to offer this valuable model to our recipients across Southern Asia. Our goal is to raise $1000 per month through both personal and corporate sponsorship. With your support, we can can continue to commit to serve the underserved and to to empower vulnerable people with solutions that allow them to rise above their poverty. Remember, all your donations are 100% tax deductible


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