Imagine walking down the streets of New Delhi or Kathmandu: It won’t be long before you spot a pack of little boys wearing neatly pressed school uniforms or schoolgirls with their shiny, ribbon-tied braids. But when you round a corner, you might also encounter a group of young children begging around a temple or sniffing glue to mask their hunger. These children can only dream of attending school and getting an education that will give them the tools to leave their despair behind.

Unbelievably, in 2017, there are currently millions of children and adolescents in South Asia alone with no access to education.

At Khusi Hona, we believe access to education is a basic human right. Our education program is designed not only to collaborate with and support existing organizations, but also to pioneer new initiatives. We work closely with our partners to improve the quality of education in India and Nepal through teacher trainings, curriculum development, and technology provision and instruction. We also provide children in need with uniforms, school supplies and scholarships.

In the slums, we support social workers who gather the most disadvantaged children for school and help them make the transition from beggar to student. In rural parts of the region, and particularly in post-earthquake Nepal, we are also working on the reconstruction of schools. Part of the education process involves educating parents living in poverty about the future benefits of education for their children. This can be difficult when daily survival continues to be a struggle.

Please help us in our mission to bring the basic human right of education to those who need it the most.