Samarpan Foundation


Samarpan has a vision of shedding light even in the darkest corner, a mission of changing universal consciousness by opening minds and hearts and a philosophy of love, peace, happiness, kindness, simplicity, clarity. Samarpan is a community of outward-focused volunteers, guided by the principle of doing what needs to be done to achieve the greatest good for the greatest number. One of their key projects supports a slum area in Chandigarh, Punjab with a community kitchen and education program. The community kitchen provides dinner in the evening besides providing a nutritious meal, the project aims to give the students vocational training to enable them to become independent.

It is our goal to provide Samarpan Foundation with a sponsorship of a basic necessity most of us can’t imagine a life without, a sponsorship for food. Samarpan offers these children a hot meal daily, which will likely be their only meal of the day. Every dollar will go towards providing daily meals for the over 100 kids supported by Samarpan. This project is of huge importance, as it a tool that brings the kids in from the streets where they can be educated, offered medical treatments and monitored for abuses.

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