Leona Toussaint

 Owner, Professional Passenger Services | Johannesburg, South Africa

Leona Toussaint

Leona Toussaint entrepreneur, adventurer and humanitarian is a Director at Professional Passenger Services, a passenger transport operator in the South African tourism industry. This industry, dominated by men has brought out the best in Leona, where she has outshone many a competitor with her tenacity, adaptability, creativeness and ingenuity and build a leading organization in its field.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience and a yearning to improve and enhance industry standards, she embarked on a creative and fun journey to develop an innovative real time online booking and management software tool, coupled with an enterprise development component, designed to not only improve service delivery, but through her entrepreneurial spirit, to create employment opportunities.

After overcoming many challenges in recent years, her desire to do something significant with her life became clearly evident and so she embarked on a life-changing journey. Travelling solo, she departed for India for an extended period, determined to nourish her soul, and discovered so much more, this vibrant, colorful, gorgeous and chaotic country that exudes love and friendship has become her love and passion. Coupled with her empathy and longing to be of greater service to humanity, she engaged on a path to discover where her entrepreneurial spirit and compassion for humanity could meet. Fate led her to meet Matthew van Rooyen, founder /director of Khusi Hona, the Feel Happy Orphan Project, at a district airport while waiting for a delayed flight, this unexpected but inspiring encounter later led to her involvement in and accepting of the position as Advisor to Khusi Hona.

Khusi Hona is a young and dynamic organization, inspired by purpose, driven by possibility, and motivated by their ability to create real time improvements in the lives of these orphaned children, it is matchless in its approach and will no doubt leave a lasting legacy.