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Join us as we journey across the US spreading the word about our charitable work in India and Nepal. The fun begins August 2017! We’re hitting 50 cities and covering 11,000 miles to raise awareness for communities we support and empower across South Asia. Interested in an opportunity that will inspire hope, action, and change? Don’t miss out on your chance to be a part of the Khusi Hona Drive For Change tour – we want to meet YOU! Sign up today to be a part of something BIG.

Sound Voyage combines ancient practice with modern technology by incorporating noise-isolating, glowing headphones by Soundoff™ Experience and the sounds of DJ Karri Om. Her passion is to sound design your yoga experience – seamlessly mixing genres that take you to a place inside your soul, back to your heart, and back to LOVE. Tune in while she creates an atmosphere filled with beats and rhythms that are sure to guide your yoga flow. Listen here for a taste!

Lovetree Co. malas are hand-knotted with the intent of spreading LOVE with each and every bead. What began as a hobby by co-founder, Karri Cole, Lovetree Co. quickly turned into a full women empowerment project when she joined forces with Matthew van Rooyen. It was created to bring their worlds together, all while empowering women from difficult backgrounds in India. The entire collection will be on display throughout the tour. Have a favorite stone? Message Lovetree Co. here – let us know and we will try to have it for you!

Social entrepreneur and founder of Khusi Hona, Matthew van Rooyen, envisions a world where the cycle of poverty is replaced by a cycle of progress. He helps to awaken his audience as he guides them through his experiences in aid work and disaster relief in South Asia. His methods for creating change include holistic economic development and empowerment to enable vulnerable people with solutions that allow them to rise above their poverty. Let him guide you through an engaging talk about the ever-changing environment of charitable work and inspire you to be a part of the cycle of progress.

The Khusi Hona app allows you to automatically donate spare change from your everyday purchases directly to our cause. It’s easy – each time you make a purchase with your linked card, the resulting change is automatically donated. You have all the control and can even choose how much you are comfortable donating each month. Go to the app store, search “Khusi Hona” and download today. Don’t have an iPhone? No worries – go HERE for all the same powerful tools that make supporting Khusi Hona so easy! Did we mention that your donations are tax deductible?

Everyone loves free stuff! Throughout the tour we’ll have giveaways, raffles, and prizes. Nice! We’d love to share our “feel happy” slogan across the globe.

Making a difference in the world starts locally.  If you’re asking yourself, “but what can I do?” – look no further.  Start by partnering with us and getting volunteers at your DRIVE 4 CHANGE event. We also have a list of other ways you can get involved. Let’s create a conversation! We want to hear what speaks to you and discuss ways in which we can partner together.







The D4C journey is a coast to coast tour across the country with more than 50 stops. The fun begins August 2017.  Space is limited so reserve your spot TODAY!

We rock, but don’t take our word for it! Here are some testimonials and photos from those we’ve partnered with in the past. Take a look to get ideas on what we can do with you!

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Our Story

Join with us, Matthew & Karri, as we journey across the US spreading the word about our charitable work in India and Nepal.

Our story begins with a passion to build community and make the world a better place through empowerment. In 2015, Matthew was in Nepal helping with the earthquake relief and I was in Miami, FL just wanting to be a part of something … BIGGER.

I wanted to work with a grassroots organization where I felt like I could be connected to a project, even though I was on the other side of the world.  I started to think how can I get involved, what can I do? Khusi Hona’s mission statement of envisioning a world where the cycle of poverty is replaced by a cycle of progress struck a chord with me.  This was exactly what I was looking for. This was something I could get behind.

Since DJing and creating events come naturally to me, the next step was obvious. I combined all of the things I love – music, yoga, malas and people. The Bungalow Jam – Benefit for Nepal was created from a simple desire to help. That event changed my life – it changed our lives. We now want to share our passion with anyone and everyone we can.

So often we want to get involved and make an impact in the world, but we’re quick to overlook our own talents and our own network. Be bold, be awesome and step out of the box!  Community building and change begins with us – begins with YOU.

We would love to come to your town, share our story, jam out, do some yoga and empower our communities — at home and abroad. The journey begins August 2017 with a coast to coast tour with more than 50 stops. We hope you will be a part of it, see you soon!

Big Love,

Karri & Matthew



Matthew is the founder of Khusi Hona and co-founder of Lovetree Co. He is guided by a principle of social entrepreneurship and believes that breaking the cycle of poverty starts with tangible, life-changing opportunities. He’s embraced a holistic approach in an effort to create sustainability in communities across South Asia and strives to leave people feeling empowered and in control of their own futures.



Karri is the co-founder and designer of Lovetree Co. She also has a long-standing career as a DJ and event coordinator under her brand Honeylab Media. Most of her time is spent at the Lotus Center in Goa, India where she trains the artisans in jewelry making for the Lovetree Co. collections. Away from the center, DJ Karri Om brings a flow like none other to events and yoga sessions alike. While music and malas are her art – people are her passion.


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