Host an Event

One of the primary goals of Khusi Hona is to raise awareness of the issues plaguing South Asia, as well as awareness of our organization, which helps with many of those issues. As one of our supporters, you can host an event to raise awareness and to encourage others to become involved.

There is almost no end to the possibilities for awareness-raising activities. Here are a few that you might consider:

  • Throw a dinner party, luncheon or brunch, and hold an informational seminar or workshop at the same time.
  • Hold an informational event at your church, temple or other place of worship.
  • Set up a booth at a school or community event, and give out brochures and other promotional materials so people learn about our mission and our organization.
  • Request a speaker from Khusi Hona to attend an event. You gather the people and provide the venue, and we’ll do the rest!

If you have an idea for raising awareness, please feel free to act on it! You can also contact us to discuss your idea with us, as we may be able to help.