Our Projects

Thanks to the help of our generous donors and the hard work of our local partners, we are serving hundreds of deserving people through our HEED model (Health, Education and Economic Development) projects in South Asia. Our projects have been designed to tackle extreme poverty and fight inequality and injustice through disaster relief, education, clean water initiatives, the abolishment of human trafficking and small business development. Here are a few of our current and planned initiatives.

Women Empowerment

The Khusi Hona women’s empowerment program is designed for disenfranchised and unemployable women to come and learn news skills through training, employment, and business development.

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Unbelievably, in 2017, there are currently millions of children and adolescents in South Asia alone with no access to education. At Khusi Hona, we believe access to education is a basic human right.

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Economic Development

Small business development in poverty-stricken countries in South Asia provides the resources necessary for extended families and entire communities to pull themselves out of terrible situations.

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