Khusi Hona India Director

Delphine Auclair, Rural Medical Outreach Project Manager

Delphine Auclair was born in France in 1978 and adopted into a beautiful multi-cultural family. Raised by parents with an affinity for backpacking, she caught the travel bug at a young age and has been exploring the world ever since.

Before settling in India, Delphine worked in Paris and London, gaining almost 15 years of experience as a project manager in the digital and web world. Her special love for India and strong desire to defend human rights led her away from the corporate sector in 2012. She has since been able to fully and freely focus her efforts on spreading peace, knowledge, and equality by serving and supporting the most isolated of communities in rural areas of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

Delphine’s willingness to live and work in locales marked by poverty, disease, and drought combined with her innate ability to form and foster relationships has provided us with years of invaluable research and groundwork. Thanks to her dedication and commitment, Khusi Hona is now in a position to successfully introduce a rural medical outreach program in a region that has too long been overlooked and ignored.