Ajeet Singh

Founder and Director of Guria

Ajeet_Singh“Meeting Khusi Hona was a very accidental thing as there were two ladies who liked what we were doing and decided to connect me to Matthew. Now looking forward almost 3 years were very lucky and fortunate to have met Matthew from Khusi Hona. What has really helped us is that Khusi hona has not been very methodical and it’s a very easy going relationship; as in when we need anything it’s not a huge task for us because we don’t have to write grants or do any academic presentations. This might not be a major task for big NGO’s but this exercise is really not very easy for people working in the grassroots level like we are. The best support has been the building of the children support center in the red light district of Mau where KH has contributed immensely. There is a huge gap in our support system and because of KH we have been able to really bridge that gap and really look forward to continuing our relationship.”