Shaila Brijnath

Founder and Director of Aasraa Trust

Shaila_Brijnath“We are delighted with the continued support of Khusi Hona, They have been a long-term supporters of Aasraa. Traditionally, support has been in forms of feeding the children of Aasra, Basti building and computer system support. They have been crucial in lending a hand in the teacher training program which helps our teacher and project heads with methodology and the psychology of how to reach children, make them more focused, help them listen longer and general techniques that will streamline our work with the kids. Now we’re in the process of implementing all that we have learnt and it’s already making a big difference. Were also very happy about the computers and the internet system that KH has set up, it’s just not a basic set up they have also put in programs that monitor the children’s activities and protect them from certain sites. This will help us in the future to better understand how the children are using the Internet. Overall it’s just been a very loving and understanding relationship and we are very excited for the future with KH by our side.”